Artistic Project

25 high school students weave their feelings about a Europe in the midst of change.

Using their own words, enhanced by the writing of the Scottish playwright Iain Finlay MacLeod, with their bodies, set in motion by the Spanish choreographers Inma Garcia and Meritxell Barbera, and the French director Thierry Poquet assisted by Marc Duport as actors director, these young people approach current research in particle astrophysics, in particular by valuing the neutrino as a metaphor for the link between peoples.
They portray the anthropology of the living linking humans, animals and plants ;
they foreshadow the ecological shift to come ;
and formulate wishes for their generation and their children’s.

Samsun, Turkey, January 2020

The show opens with a wide repetitive choreographic movement which highlights young people at
the dawn of working life : confronted with a modern and capitalist labor society they share their ideals
with the audience.
A significant event will overturn the order of things and compel them to leave the familiar environment.
This results in a series of conflict situations in which the young people have to face challenges
and reaffirm their convictions which are definitely no longer those initially stated.

Samsun, Turkey, January 2020

Artistic team

Artistic director Thierry Poquet (FR)
Actors direction Marc Duport (FR)
Libretto Iain Finlay MacLeod (SC)
Choreography Inma Garcia & Meritxell Barbera (SP)
Music Ivann Cruz (FR)
Lighting François Cordonnier (FR)
Stage manager François Breux (FR)

Samsun, Turkey, January 2020

Revised schedule related to the COVID-19 pandemic